Suppose you are working on a book with a lot of chapters and you have them all open at the same time. The FrameMaker document list is not very easy to use because you only get to see the names of some of the documents, unsorted.

ListDocs is a small plugin that installs an option on the File menu. It displays all the open documents in your session, sorted by file name. You can select a file and click OK to bring it to the front.

To install, create a new directory under the FrameMaker plugins directory and copy the file there. For example, if FrameMaker is installed in

C:\Program Files\Adobe\FrameMaker6.0\

then copy ListDocs.dll to a new directory named

C:\Program Files\Adobe\FrameMaker6.0\fminit\Plugins\ListDocs

When you restart FrameMaker, the plugin installs itself automatically, just under the Open option on the File menu.

Download ListDocs.dll .

It has been tested with FrameMaker 6.0 and 7.0 for Windows.


If you try it, please let us know how it works. That's a fair trade. You get a free FrameMaker utility, and we get your opinion about it. While you're at it, feel free to suggest ideas for other FrameMaker utilities.

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